My Research

DSC04862I’m a senior research fellow in RMIT University’s Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group.  I’m an applied ecologist, and have worked on projects related to imperfect detectability and the use and influence of informative Bayesian priors in ecology.

The main focus of my research is addressing the challenges of conserving biodiversity in an increasingly human-dominated world. Currently, I work as part of the National Environmental Science Programme’s Threatened Species Recovery Hub on a project that aims to increase the social license for threatened species conservation through better framing of conservation messages.

Much of my research over the last 10 years has focussed on developing better tools and processes for protecting and enhancing native biodiversity in cities and in the surrounding urbanising areas.  This includes tools for designing biodiversity-friendly suburbs, as well as better planning of our cities so that they avoid important biodiversity and result in more liveable cities for urban residents.

Research Interests

  • Conservation messaging and pro-conservation behaviour change
  • Biodiversity conservation in human-dominated environments
  • Urban biodiversity conservation, including planning for biodiversity and biodiversity sensitive urban design
  • Native grassland conservation
  • Improved conservation decision making, including structured decision making
  • Understanding the role of conservation scientists as advocates for conservation


  • ENVI1162 Ecosystems and Human Impact
  • ENVI1043 Ecological Foundations of Planning



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